Conor McGregor Would Be The Worlds Worst Employee To Manage

Conor McGregor is an outspoken son of a bitch. He’s also an incredible fighter and an even better promoter, which makes his recent comments a headache for the UFC. In short, Conor wants stake in the company.


Conor would be the world’s worst employee for a few reasons. First, he’s the guy at the office constantly banging on the bosses door every day shouting for more vacation time, benefits, a car, and bonuses. And the problem is that he’s also the top salesman, so what he says typically happens. It’s to the point that Conor is so powerful that he has more pull than his superiors. It reminds me of Michael Scott struggling with Darryl’s rise in the Office from warehouse to manager.

Conor is also the employee that will publicly call out his superiors in staff meetings, sales calls, or over a few drinks at the company Christmas party because he knows they need him greatly. What else are they to do? Fire their golden goose? Hell no, and Conor knows this which is giving him great leverage.

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