KY Duration Sex Spray Amazon Reviews

I saw an add yesterday for this KY sensation numbing spray so naturally the first thing I did was check out the Amazon reviews. You just know some of the comments will be gold. The KY spray is described as:

capture-6And the views vary from great to terrifying. I’m also shocked at some of the personal shit people share on here.

Joe P hates the smell….





2 thoughts on “KY Duration Sex Spray Amazon Reviews

  1. Saw the ads and thought I ‘d give it a shot since it is cheaper than what my urologist recommended. It is an inferior product to Promescent. Left me completely numb and transferred to my wife. Better than stud100 but not as god as Promescent…


  2. I agree with Ethan above. I found Promescent by reading the amazon reviews. I can use it with condoms, it doesn’t make my partner numb or leave a bad taste in her mouth πŸ˜‰ It costs a bit more but works really well compared to all the others I have tried. They just numb EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. This one absorbs and just slows me down. Highly recommend it!


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