This is terrible but I hope the Browns go 0-16 now..

That’s right, I said it… We’re terrible and I hope we don’t win a game. What’s the fucking point this far into the season? We’re youthful, sure but we don’t have any veteran support, let’s lock up that number one overall pick for the upcoming draft. This NFL “money ball” experience wasn’t going to pay off the first year obviously but an 0-10 start is obviously concerning and the last time we won was last year and Johnny Manziel was our starter…Hilarious I know… Rick Muntz also declared that he will join the Cleveland Browns’ wagon if and only if, they go win less to say in the future that he started liking them when the “Dawg Pound was Dawg Shit!”

Here’s where it starts to get real concerning. We have Cody Kessler as quarterback that hasn’t looked too bad. I would rather see how he pans out the rest of the year instead of pulling him for Josh McCown. Let this dude take his bumps and bruises and learn during a  down year so that with hopefully with added weapons through the 2017 draft and off season acquisitions we’ll have a young guy with some experience. Today, Sashi Brown comes out with a statement that RGIII’s busted ass may be coming back shortly. Is he really ready and do we really want him back there to ultimately die on the football field? He may want to look into restarting his track career, there he won’t be hurt by his competition but honestly you never know with him. Dude can’t even walk down a set of stairs anymore…

We’ve finally got Corey Coleman back and we’ve found a positive solid receiver option in Terrell Pryor Sr., The running game ain’t bad, the defense seems to be struggling but we did pick up Jamie Collins from the Pats. A repetitive “there’s always next year” just keep showing me positive play and flashes of solid improvement and I’ll be happy.


As Pop from Marvel’s Netflix original “Luke Cage” says, “Always Forward, Forward Always” keep marching losers, we’ll be winners one day…

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