Sriracha Big Mac Being Tested

McDoanld’s is currently testing out a Sriracha Big Mac at select locations in central Ohio


And to that I say step the fuck back from the Big Mac. The Mac is the single greatest burger of our lifetime and no gimmicks should be pulled on a national treasure. I swear, it tastes like sex in my mouth as my taste buds dance in delight with each bite. Messing with that flavor in any way is a sin.


I even wrote about the MAC as a beautiful one night stand awhile ago. Big Mac One Night Stand & the Great Bill Gates devours them as well.

This is like traditional college football powers like Bama, OSU, USC, Michigan, ND or Texas switching their uniforms on a continuous basis. There’s no reason to do it! You already look amazing and a little flare is a wasted insult. Why re-invent the wheel?

Also, why does Ohio ALWAYS seem to be a test state for new fast food meals? What does that say about our state as a whole?

It doesn’t need FLARE!

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