Tony Romo Is The Man – “He’s earned the right to be OUR Quarterback”

Last week I wrote that Tony Romo should return as the starter for the Cowboys. I still believe that but I also understand that Dak is playing really well… So in typical Romo fashion, he conceded the spot gracefully like a man and endorsed Dak as the Cowboys new leader in a classy speech. He even mouthed as much last Sunday while on the sidelines by saying “It’s his time”

Throughout his entire career Romo has been irrationally bashed, hated, and under appreciated. Hell, until last season the Cowboys line was a group of misfits that protected more like a broken condom. Romo spent years running for his life and finally, now that they have a line and Zeke, Romo doesn’t get the opportunity. He literally carried that franchise on his back for the last five years (Which is probably why its broken) and nobody respected his greatness… It’s sad to realize how wasted his time with the Cowboys was. It’s also sad to see how many people hated the guy for no rational reason…

That hate remained until today when Romo delivered the most selfless announcement to the media about his recognition and support of the Cowboys moving forward with Dak.

Uncle Stink hated Romo for years, and even he said the press conference swayed his outlook a bit. Heck, maybe the Browns can get him now! I would be the first one  to hug him upon arrival.

The entire press conference:


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