Why Thanksgiving is the best for us…

There’s not another time of the year where its socially acceptable to eat and get shitfaced till you pass out with your pants undone. That’s right turkey, green bean casserole, wine, beer, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, rolls,  more wine, more beer, stuffing, pumpkin pie. Plus, you turn the tube on, there’s NFL football! I’m usually asleep before halftime of the first game because I hit the wine super hard. I’d recommend a nice Pinot Noir for a red and Riesling is the typical Thanksgiving white. The Lions play every year and I root my ass off for them and for our buddy, Ole Coyote…

This years match-ups:
Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions 12:30 PM
Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys 4:30 PM
(Cowboys and Indians/On some insensitive bullshit huh?)
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianapolis Colts 8:30 PM

As you can see it will be an early nap time for me this year, gotta be pretty sauced for that Lions game…

Let’s not forget that the night before thanksgiving everyone heads into town to the local watering holes to catch up on what everyone has been up to. It’s sort of an unofficial class reunion. The small talk blows.

At least you get hammered with present friends and see which of the ladies have made some real improvements or mistakes with their looks and the younger girls that just turned 21 are able to get into the bar now. Its a real feeding frenzy for creeps. Although I’d like to think I’m no creep, but this might be a common sight you see from me…


What an event… Also we will be hosting people over at the Nest prior to the night out at the bars, Thanksgiving eve. So you know we’ll be feeling no pain! God, I can’t wait!

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