Kate Upton Makes Some Very Good Points

So Justin Verlander didn’t win the Cy Young and Kate Upton had some choice words via twitter for MLB and anyone else willing to listen… And I must say, she makes some  very good points and builds a strong case for Verlander being a more deserving recipient. Fresh off the political season, I think Kate formulated a better argument than any politician.

First, She earned everyone’s attention with this doozy. Especially men who instantly thought about having sex with her.

Capture 3.PNG

Next she followed that up with some actual stats and research like a smart person:



Overall I would say that Kate is correct. MLB writers are the most smug and cocky old asses in any sport. They deliberately exclude voting for deserving players over childish things like “I met him once and didn’t like him.” Also, the win/loss stat for pitchers is the most overrated stat in all sports. Porcello had 22 wins but that’s in part because the Boston offense provided him 7.63 runs per game. That would be like rewarding a football defense that gives up 30 points per game, bc their offense averages 50 and the team is undefeated. They didn’t win because of you, they won in spite of you…

Verlander deserved this one. Maybe Kate should cheer him up with those monster tits she has.

PS: I actually don’t find her very attractive… There’s also some nudes if you just google “Kate Upton nude” Its a two for one deal – You get to see Verlander naked as well… You can see why he can fire a fastball. Dude has a huge butt.

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