King Kong and Dr. Steven Brule? Oh Hell Yeah!

dr-steve-brule-1I just peeped the latest trailer for Kong: Skull Island and it looks fucking fantastic. I
thought the first trailer looked pretty solid but this latest one dropped a little more of the plot line for us. There’s so many big names in this movie such as Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Tom Hiddleston, the sexy Brie Larson, Shea Whigham who plays “Ray” the ultra positive stepdad in Vice Principals, and Dr. Steven Brule? aka John C. Reilly. John C. Reilly should make for the comedic relief in this action packed movie. Watch until the very end of the trailer and you’ll find Reilly’s character sounding eerily similar to The Nest’s favorite character of his…

This Kong movie is like nothing else they’ve made in the past. They’ve got more problems than just an enormous gorilla. They’ve got an indigenous tribe and species that no one has ever seen. People will most likely be dying left and right so keep your head on a fucking swivel. I may have to see this one on the big screen and when I do, I’ll probably be jumping due to everything that surprises the shit out of me… “Check it out!”


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