BG Student Lies About Attack

Eleesha Long said she was assaulted and called a racial slur, but BG police said she made the story up. Long wrote a police complaint on November 9th that reads in part, “while walking down Crim St to ask for yard signs, three boys began to throw rocks at me.” Long continued to write the white males shouted profanity at her while wearing Trump shirts. She described how all three young men looked and what they were wearing. Reports show she posted what happened to her on Facebook page, but never called 911.

BG detectives said her post got a lot of attention, including her father who told law enforcement he couldn’t locate the 24-year-old after the alleged incident. A BGSU officer took Long to the police station where she gave a statement. However, throughout the investigation she changed her story multiple times.

Lt. Dan Mancuso with the BG Police Division said, “several times the complainant changed her story about what happened, where it happened, and when it happened.” Lt. Mancuso said they obtained a search warrant for her Facebook and Verizon history. Turned out, she wasn’t where she said she was Lt. Mancuso added.

“Based on that information, it proved that she was not in the location that of when she said it occurred,” Lt. Mancuso told 13abc. Her text messages allegedly reveal her real motivation may have been frustration with friends and family who were Trump supporters.

The police reports are laced with racist remarks against Trump supporters that she sent to her boyfriend and mother. According to reports, she used words like, “this is why you should take an IQ test to vote,” “I hope they all get AIDS,” “I haven’t met a decent Trump supporter yet.” – 13ABC

Well this is super helpful. Glad to see a BG student did this. First our football team sucks and now a student sucks. We need some good news…

Personally, I think she deserves to be locked up if found guilty. If anyone falsely accuses another of breaking the law, we have a problem and a precedent must be set. If you lie about an assault, rape, or other act of violence, you should serve the equivalent punishment for the crimes you are falsely claiming. I’m an eye for an eye guy. I always take the same shots as the people I force into it.

If this assault brought with it 5 years in prison – Eleesha should get 5 years in prison if found guilty. Seems reasonable to me. The larger the crime you lie about, the tougher the punishment. This girl is also probably so worried right now. An opportunity to look cool on social media has spiraled out of control on her.

No more lying, people.

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