Hey Louisville, Focus On Winning

When the Playoff selection committee released this weeks rankings there were a few surprises as usual. Fuck, you never know what those old dudes are thinking behind closed doors. I sometimes believe there’s just strippers and Marcos Pizza for 90% of the time and they grab teams out of a hat.

Anyway, Louisville came out of the rankings at number 5. Not bad but still on the outside looking in. And of course, their fans and specifically their players seemed pretty pissed off about that spot. They voiced their displeasure on the most legitimate stage ever… twitter.

Capture 2.PNG

But you did just comment, when you said you wouldn’t?

Capture 3.PNG

A lot of shit did happen. You lost…Capture 4.PNG

Classic Millennial – Not their fault.


Let this be a lesson. While you were crying about being ripped off Houston snuck in the back door and stole your girl on a Thursday night. Maybe you should take care of yourself first, or at least let the entire season play out. It’s like a dude ripping on his girl to lose weight, while unknowingly going bald at the same time… You are flawed to my man! (Weird analogy)



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