Hunger Games Sexy Fashion Statement

Yesterday while working off the Sunday Scaries I was watching the always sexy Katniss Everdeen free all of Panem from dictator rule. Hunger Games and Harry Potter are the two greatest Sunday movie series to watch while recovering from a weekend binge.

Anyway, while watching I noticed a fashion statement that I personally find very sexy. Seen below is Effie Trinket rocking eye icicles that turn me on a shit ton. I was laying there when it moved so I said to Uncle Stink “Man, I dunno what it is but her pointy eye things really got me going.” He didn’t feel the same and thought they were ridiculous.

I can’t be the only one that finds this hot.


If I walk into a bar and see some girl rocking these you better watch out. I’m not sure how I would react. I’m not a fan of butterfly kisses but I would smooth eyelashes should a girl have these. Mark my words – this will become a fad at some point.

It also helps that that Effie was played by Elizabeth Banks

Those sexy eye needles in action:

No wonder Haymitch kisses her on the lips here. It’s the eye icicles.



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