Keira Knightly Stalker

Infatuated fan, 49, stalked Keira Knightley by MEOWING through her letterbox, bombarded her with cat-themed letters and changed his name to ‘Mark McCattipus’ on Facebook 


That’s some pretty creepy shit. People that stalk these celebrities are a notch crazier than random people who like celeb Instagram pics or twitter posts. These celebs will never meet you. It’s just weird when you see fans post personal commentary.

The other weird part is the meowing. Nothing is worse than a cat person. If he was to bark at her I would feel better about the whole thing. Meowing is far crazier than barking.

Also -Chalk? Grow up stalker. You ain’t a three year old. Haven’t you seen these protestors? Use spray paint, it’s far more badass.

In the end its  hard to fault the guy. Look at him (Totally looks like a stalker) and look at her. She is gorgeous.

Without stalking this guy had no shot at all.


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