More & More Japanese Women Are Banging Video Game Characters

Apparently Romance gaming is on the rise in Japan where women can build the perfect boyfriend on their phone…

When Ayumi Saito was 22 she broke up with her boyfriend. But the Tokyo resident found an easy way to fill the void left by her ex lover’s departure. She downloaded a romance gaming app onto her phone, and became one of the millions of women in Japan to swap real life intimacy for a fantasy.

“I felt lonely,” says Ito, now 31. “Japanese men are shy and not good at flattering women. But girls want to hear ‘I love you’.”
In 2014, the romance gaming industry in Japan was worth $130 million.
In a society where 44.2% of women — almost half of Japan’s millennial singles aged between 18 and 34 — are virgins, this industry has seemingly tapped into a deep desire for simulated intimacy in Japan.

This has gone far enough! Making love to virtual boyfriends? I’m sure these women have their phones on nothing but vibrate all day long while hugging a Hello Kitty doll. I get building a connection with video game characters – Trust me – When I played NCAA Football I did everything I could to fulfill my recruiting promises to my players. Hell, I even favored Seniors because of the commitment they made to me and the program. However, I stopped short of falling in love with them.
Hollywood and movies also aren’t helping this cause either. Movies like Twilight have totally fucked women’s expectations of men. None of us can live up to Edward Cullen or Ryan Goslings character in The Notebook. It’s totally unrealistic. I’m not going to stand in a cold rain and kiss you, or fend off men that change into wolves. It’s  not my thing. Instead you’ll find me on the couch with nachos and a beer watching football. That’s reality and those are practical expectations to have.
Also – the men in Japan need to step it up. That many virgins walking around is a problem. You shy asses need to do work or American men are going to flock your shores. You better hope they don’t see those figures.

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