Rick Muntz and His Crime Show Binges

As everyone knows Rick Muntz has moved into the Nest and it hasn’t taken him long to get adjusted to the new living arrangements. He has since moved to 1st shift and is now feeling so much more alive and youthful. There’s definitely a lot more pep in his step. He has taken over the responsibility of letting out the pups when he gets home from work at 3:30 PM. Until we get home Rick makes himself nice and comfortable showering and changing out of his manly work clothes into something a little more comfortable…”The Groutfit” He nestles in and plays a few video games until we get home. He’s really been crushing it on “Battlefield 1” & the ever popular “Fifa ’17” throwing back a few Busch Lights to ease into his evening.

Ted, J-Hoe, and I typically leave him for the gym and when we get back Rick is in straight “chill mode” he’s bundled up with his winter Barcelona hat and Barcelona blankie watching what you may ask? Cops and my new favorite to watch with him The First 48, this shit is absolutely addicting. The series follows detectives during the hours immediately following a homicide. People do the dumbest shit, shooting and killing people for a little bit of cash or bricks or marijuana which are a lot cheaper than what we had originally thought would amount to.

We laugh our asses off at the mugshots and the thugs’ nicknames. We then spoke of our own experiences with cops as on the show they do a pretty good job of not egging the potential killers on and it seems with lower traffic violations and such cops tend to be more assholes, power tripping mother fuckers. Rick once spent some time in the clink for something he actually did not do and was freed of all charges. Thank God… He said being in jail for the short amount of time he was, was the most miserable time of his life and that if he could feel the same way he felt when he was released, he would be the happiest man on the face of the earth.

Here’s a little clip from Dr. Steven Brule and his jail/prison experience:

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