The NCAA Is So Clueless – ND

Today the NCAA ruled that Notre Dame has to vacate all wins from the 2012 – 2013 seasons in which academically ineligible players participated. Notre Dame will also serve a 1 year probation and pay a fine of $5,000. – Not sure what the fine is for? Dinner for the NCAA staff? Notre Dame will appeal the ruling, which is shocking from Notre Dame who almost never stands up to the NCAA. Instead they just typically bend over and take it.. Even President John Jenkins had this to say: “Notre Dame would willingly accept a vacation of records penalty if it were appropriate. It is not in this case.”

In my opinion the NCAA once again looks terrible. First let me point out that the chief hearing officer for this “investigation” was led by SEC Commissioner, Greg Sankey. I think he should maybe focus on his own conference.

Secondly, this ruling will do nothing to promote self policing of Universities. Notre Dame was made aware of potential student on student academic cheating so they internally led an investigation, which was something that Notre Dame was never obligated to do. Because of that investigation they ruled that 5 players were involved so they kicked all 5 players off the team for the entire season. A few were even kicked out of the school.  All along Notre Dame was nothing but forthright in regards to these violations yet the NCAA fucked them, despite ND getting out in front of it. They are the ones that brought this incident to attention in the first place…

I’ve always been told that the cover up is typically worse than the crime. Although that is often true, this example proves otherwise. Obviously players academically cheated but the University was upfront in those findings. It seems counter productive for the NCAA to double down and punish Notre Dame when they did the job of the NCAA already. If I’m at LSU for example and hear of an internal NCAA violation I’m hiding that shit. No way I’m telling the NCAA now. It’s not worth it.

Hell – Silver Lining. Alabama was forced to vacate wins from 2005 – 2007 and look at them now. Better days ahead, baby!

Also, North Carolina is royally screwed if that mess gets sorted out. Kiss 20 years of stats and records goodbye.

ND is doing all the work and getting ripped off!



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