Bills Mafia Butt Chugging Fan Gets In Trouble #BillsMafia

One of the best tweets I ever saw was worded as such “How comes every time I see a Bills tailgate it looks like they are partying in a third world country?”

It’s so true. The Bills Mafia goes fucking hard. I know a dude from Buffalo and the stories that he shares are top notch. I even had the pleasure of attending a Bills “home” make-up game in Detroit a few years back. It was evident that these blue collar fans drink, party, and cheer way too hard.

So this latest headline is not shocking.

Capture.PNGA few weeks back this video emerged and went viral. For normal America it was appalling but in Buffalo country, this was just another Sunday. I also can’t really fault the guy. The body on that girl is a hard 10 in Buffalo. Most male residents (female as well) would line up to drink out of her ass crack.

I also think this penalty is a bit harsh for the same reasons I believe the Notre Dame penalty is far too harsh. We now live in a world that Donald Trump will soon run. If you can’t drink beer out of a hot chicks ass what can we do? It feels like our freedoms are being infringed upon and it’s time Buffalo fans lead the charge for change. I can’t think of a more responsible group of people.

PS: That Tyrod Taylor dude is legit! Maybe a top 10 QB

The greatest song in sports


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