Chicken In a Suitcase – Lonely Thanksgiving

Here’s some advice for anyone that doesn’t have a family or friends, or maybe you just hate everyone in your life and you prefer staying home alone for the big feast?

Kroger’s sells rotisserie chickens (Aka: Chicken is a suitcase) and they are fucking delicious. Go get one of these personal birds and smash your face in peace and quiet. You can setup shop in the living room and enjoy football.

I would also add some Bob Evans Garlic mashed potatoes. They are easily the greatest potatoes on the face of the earth. How good? Well the Nest had some last night.

I would add a cooked portabella mushroom to the mix as well…. Trust me.

Or maybe just take a chicken in a suitcase to the party with you. That would look fly as fuck. Rolling in with a personal chicken and tossing that bitch in the microwave. “Nah, Grams, I’m good, got a chicken right here for me”


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