Vegas now has Hockey?

Seems like an unlikely destination in the hot ass desert but Las Vegas, NV will have a

Golden Knights Secondary Logo

hockey team. The Las Vegas Golden Knights will be the newest NHL expansion team making them number 31. I’ve never lived in Vegas but I guess if I did I would need a break from the gambling, strippers, and the ever popular Flamingo pool. I’m not sure what would possess people to go to a hockey game while out there maybe to cool down like most folks do at a movie theater? That being said, people do dumber shit in get married, spend thousands on strippers, throw away money in slot machines and on felt table tops, and of course get blacked out in a pool aka a public pisser for flexing meatheads.


There are other cities outside the strip, we don’t necessarily see them as we go from the airport to the casino immediately for 72 hours and then hop back on the hangover trip back. The only thing I fear for this franchise is that they won’t gain much attendance at their games. I guess the investors are betting that it will be successful and Vegas always wins but we’ll see I suppose. I will say the logos look pretty damn slick though. Good Luck!


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