Mariah Carey Photoshop Fail

Mariah Carey has a fire Instagram. Seriously, last week I started to follow it and she is not shy. Especially as she gets older, as if she’s hanging onto her youth through slutty images. All of that was great until the Thanksgiving when she apparently doctored up an image with Photoshop and was immediately called out. Instagram


I just don’t understand why celebs do this and then share it with millions of viewers. Someone is for sure going to discover your manipulation. This is the same society that has tried to prove countless Making a Murderer or JonBenet Ramsey conspiracy theories. The same society that has nothing but time on their hands, and a desire to prove all sorts of pointless arguments.

I also laugh – While women Photoshop themselves to look smaller. Men Photoshop themselves to look  bigger. Never trust a dick pic that you receive ladies. Just as you use lighting and angles for a trim look, dudes use it for a thick look. Unless it’s from Rick Muntz. He’s all natural.

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