Starboy, is 5 stars, boy! aka 10 Knuckles

The Weeknd released his album this past weekend and it is absolute fire. I made some wild reviews saying after just one time through the album that the new album, “Starboy” was right up there with the trilogy which is The Weeknd’s original 3 part release. He grew to fame with the big radio hits “The Hills” “I can’t feel my face” “Earned it” “Often”. He continues his success with this latest album and gets back to what feels like his original stuff. I happen to love it and its growing on others quite a bit too. He’s been releasing track after track and it’s all been working.

He kills it with the visuals too. Here’s all his latest music videos but first, a performance on Jimmy Fallon’s  Tonight Show, with my personal favorite at this time “I feel it coming” Featuring Daft Punk. He sounds just like Michael Jackson.

“Starboy” the most popular track out right now, and Ted even enjoys the song, which he is hard to please…

“False Alarm” a gory look into probably his strangest song on the album.

Here’s a “Mania” a visual Stunner…a combination of the album’s offerings.

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