Urban Meyer To Notre Dame…

Many will say this is a long shot. And while I agree that its unlikely, I don’t think it’s as far fetch as many people think. In my opinion there’s a 30-40% chance of this taking place in the next year or two.

So why?

First off, Urban Meyer is as competitive as the come. He’s a total perfectionist who prides himself on dominating his area of expertise. During his time at BG, Utah, Florida, and now OSU, you can see the passion as he agonizingly paces the sideline. Last season I specifically watched Urban in person while attending the OSU/Michigan game and he exhausted me with his involvement. Someone that obsessed wants and needs challenges in their professional career. What’s more challenging than Notre Dame?

Secondly, all of his goals at OSU have already been achieved. He’s won damn near every game to go along with a BIG Ten Title and a National Title. What more is there to accomplish? Again, if he needs a fresh challenge then chasing a 3rd title at a 3rd school would be intriguing to say the least. Case in Point: Theo Epstein who has won a World Series with the Red Sox & the Cubs. Urban and Theo have very similar personalities.

Additionally, Urban’s son will be finished with High School in the next year or two. Once his youngest son graduates there will be nothing to tie him down to a location.

To go along with all of this, Notre Dame, despite Brian Kelly’s recent struggles is in a solid place as a program. They just invested $400 million dollars into the stadium which is set to launch next season, they are loaded with young talent after losing the 3rd most players in last years NFL draft, and recruiting has been within the top 10 over the last 3-5 seasons. In fact, one of Kelly’s main problems is his own doing. He’s not winning despite recruiting very well. Whoever takes over the ND program is NOT walking into a rebuilding project but rather a cultural change and a few tweaks. (Like running the ball… KELLY!)

Finally, ND appears to have had enough of Kelly. Don’t for a second think money will be an issue for ND if they decide to make a change. The biggest donors are willing to pay whatever it takes to win and Jim Harbaugh at Michigan is a perfect example of how quickly a great coach can win. In my opinion it’s also telling that the ND leadership has been eerily quiet over the last week or so while leaving Kelly to fend off reports himself… Are they waiting for the right guy to be available at his seasons end (Urban)?

My Final Thoughts: I think Urban to ND is a long shot, but I also think it’s more likely than many think. The pieces are finally in place and Urban has long said his two dream  jobs are Notre Dame and Ohio State. Out clauses in previous contracts prove this much and for once, the timing and status of the ND program might be just what Urban has been waiting for… Besides, how many of us are fortunate enough to live TWO dreams in ONE life? Would he win? Absolutely! But I would also worry about his health a bit. The man seriously looks sick during the games. His passion can be both a blessing and curse.

Urban to Notre Dame – You heard it here first!

Rockne, Ara, Devine, Holtz… Urban (Nice Ring to it)

Me below every Monday AM to start off the week with a bang! Also, when I was in 7th grade the scene where Rudy gets accepted into Notre Dame teared me up a bit. I actually thought that could be me. Unfortunately C’s in the classroom and a 4.6/40 at 170 lbs. doesn’t cut it though.

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