18 Year Old Plans On Auctioning Off Her Virginity For No Less Than $1 million In An Attempt to Keep Her Parents From Being Evicted

DailyMail.com – An 18-year-old woman has controversially decided to sell her virginity in the hope of raising enough money to buy a home for her parents who are set to be evicted in February.

Aleexandra Khefren, believed from Europe, plans to auction off sex for no less than €1million – which is currently equal to £850,964 – so that she can save them from ending up on the streets and they have no idea.

The teenager was inspired to place the advert on an online escort agency, after seeing the film Indecent Proposal – where Robert Redford’s character offers Demi Moore £1billion to spend the night with her. 


She is nice to look at but… $1 million that seems a little expensive. Why can’t we get a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal on this?

In all honesty I bet she gets the $. Just think of all those rich sleaze balls out there just drooling to throw their balls at a young Dime like Aleexandra.

Aleexandria – “Merry Christmas Mom and Dad we get to keep the house!!! Hector just paid me $1 million to pipe me.”


Live Action




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