A Smart Jump Rope? Add this to the list of Dumb Money spent on “Smart” Items…

This is just outrageous…while it may be a slick idea, a jump rope that counts how many times you jump and the amount of calories you’re burning while doing it, this shit is crazy expensive. The “Smart Rope” retails at $89.98. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Ted yesterday counted himself how many times he jumped rope for a specified time at the gym and he was busting ass. This jump rope connects via Bluetooth to your cell phone and tracks your jump roping stats. The YouTube video or Ad makes this look clean and cool as hell but $90? Get the fuck out!

I wonder if the Tangram company got their inspiration from this old toy that was an absolute waste of money…

Here’s a word of advice, skip (it) purchasing either of these this holiday season.

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