Goodell trying to be cool? NFL Player’s to rep their cause/beliefs in cleat form…

Just like Barstool Sports, I think Roger Goodell is a clown. He doesn’t get any support from me, much less anyone else. The NFL is allowing players this week to wear cleats with sayings, phrases or causes that they stand for. Cleats are what they stand in so what better way than to stand for something. Darren Rovell has been tweeting players who have opted to support their causes or beliefs, take a look for yourself.

Is this a quiet way for players to communicate what they support rather than the fucking ramblings of Colin Kaepernick, interview after interview? Is this also a cheap way Goodell tries to earn respect for those in the league and its’ viewers? I hope not… Typically they fine players for wearing something other than league approved gear. I, for one, was never a big fan of team shoes back in high school. If I were balling in the NFL, you know damn well I’d look fresh as fuck! Either way I think this is a great idea for player’s to express themselves. Enjoy fellas!

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