The Power of the “LOL” or “HAHA” In A Text Message

Texting, Instagram, and Snapchat have become important mediums used for setting up a date, one night stand, or flirting in the year 2016. Shit, between Tinder & Bumble most people spend a few days typing messages before meeting face to face. It’s like we’ve gone back in time to the days of letters, only virtually and instantaneous.

With all of this I’ve noticed the role that two common phrases play in texting conversations. Those two include the subtle yet context altering remarks of “LOL” and “HAHA” – As long as someone puts and LOL or HAHA at the end of a text message, it cannot be taken seriously, right?

Everyone knows what I’m talking about. Your little brains nervously evaluating your messages and softening them with friendly HAHA’s and LOL’s. For example: A flirtatious request for a nude pic followed by a  simple “LOL” is far different than a nude request without it. Sure, you still want that nude but the “LOL” makes the request a whole lot more friendly for some reason. Remove the “LOL”and you’re suddenly a creepy ass, overly blunt pervert… Sure, both people understand the game that’s going on, yet both continue to go along with the flirty LOL’s and HAHA’s like animals in the wild trying to find their next mate, carefully calculating when and where to use them.

Or if you have a messy ass roommate and you want to send a text message addressing your concern, just look at the tone difference in these two sentences.

  1.  “Hey man, you need to do the dishes next time you cook spaghetti!”
  2. “Hey man, you need to do the dishes next time you cook spaghetti LOL!”
  3. “Hey man, you need to do the dishes next time you cook spaghetti HAHA!”

Number 1 feels like a pissed off asshole ready to murder his roommate whereas 2 and 3 get the point across funny and understanding. Not like a killers revenge.

So next time while writing a text refrain, read out loud, and evaluate the usage of these two these terms.

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