ESPN Is Losing Subscribers

The Nielsen estimates revealed that ESPN lost 555,000 subscribers during the last month.
In other words, ESPN essentially lost the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This, coming on the heels of last month, the worst month in ESPN history, where the network lost 621,000 subscribers.

In the last two months, ESPN has lost 1,176,000 subscribers, a subscriber loss nearly the size of the city of Dallas, Texas. ESPN currently has just over 88 million domestic subscribers. Link

The good ol’ days of laying in your basement as a kid and watching Sportscenter HIGHLIGHTS 4 times over have gone a passed. Seriously, every friend of mine would watch Sportscenter so often that they could recite all the lines by mid-afternoon. Today, people can’t even stand 5 minutes of bullshit segments like “My 5 Stars” or “Tebow Is Jesus” or “Are The Indians Racist?…Yes!” or “Brett Favre Come Back?”

It’s all nonsense and it sucks to see. What was a childhood staple of mine has turned into a shitty product full of shitty figureheads.

The whole racial and political undertones of most every segment are tiresome as well. Most people go to sports as an escape. Instead, ESPN now uses it as a point of conflict. Sure, that draws eyeballs for a short instance, but long term it will turn away the most loyal and devote fans.

Another failure has been their desire to make each segment about athletes rather than teams. Tebow, Lebron, Kobe, Brady, Durant, Curry and a few others dominate the airways. At some point it’s exhausting.

ESPN Executives below –




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