Woman Travels The World And Uses Her Good Looks For Dates

A jet setting college hottie travels the world and enjoys the lavish lifestyle and dates with wealthy men. She also claims that she’s not a sugar baby but rather a more professional “Adventure Companion”

Stephanie Janelle, 22, from San Francisco has flown over 2,000 miles to dates in Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, and New York City. She does all of this through the website MissTravel.com

Mad props to Stephanie… In this lifetime all of us will be qualified for certain unique opportunities. While those opportunities are presented we can either decide to cash in, or let them pass us by. In another 25 years her looks will fade and none of this companion shit will even be an option. I applaud her efforts to live life to the fullest and see the world, even if it means being a huge slut.

Which leads me to one point from Stephanie that I’ll argue. Stephanie claims she doesn’t sleep with all of these guys. For the ones she doesn’t, the title as “Adventure Companion” is fine (And rather catchy. My only advice would to add Senior to the start of it. Sounds more legit), but for the times she does sleep with a client the term “Hooker” or “Prostitute” is the more appropriate option. Own that title and role. No shame…

Also, did I say Stephanie was a hottie? She’s decent but not overly attractive. Some images are better than others.


GO DUCKS! Maybe she can help with the coaching search. Also help to retain a few wavering recruits.


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