Vibes – “The Painted Ladies” Complete Playlist

We touched on the few shows that our good buddy Ol' Coyote performed in over "The Holidays" with his 3 man band The Painted Ladies Well, with that I've inserted a link to their website that includes a complete listing of their songs. Their live show was a rowdy good time and their recordings are sure... Continue Reading →


I Love Kevin Durant More & It Sucks

I hate the Warriors. Watching them lose to the Cavs AGAIN on Christmas was magical. It was also magical to hear what Kevin Durant had to say about the final "no call" in the game. And now I'm upset because I should hate KD like the rest but that statement makes it impossible. It's refreshing to hear a Warrior... Continue Reading →

Sexy GIF Friday – Holiday Hotties

It’s the most wonderful time of the week, we got big bootys banging, and titties are hanging, which bring us good cheer, it’s the most wonderful time of the week. Sexy GIF Friday is here Knuckleheads, and this week it’s Sexy GIF Friday Holiday Hotties. Ain’t no party like a Sexy gif party.

Did The Kicking Duo of Grayson Allen & Draymond Green Just Become Best Friends?

If we're going to constantly bash Draymond Green for his ridiculous kicking problem, we better call out Duke's Grayson Allen as well. I also thank Grayson for being white and doing this. Equality is important and we can't have any racial profiling. Grayson made sure of that last night. This kid has a serious problem. He did... Continue Reading →

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