Netflix coming in hot with offline viewing, download your favorite shows and movies…

Netflix will begin offering offline viewing of movies and television shows. That means you will be able to watch your favorites on a plane with no wi-fi… This shit is genius. You wouldn’t believe what people will pay right now to download a movie before hopping on a long flight or taking off on a road trip to Florida. I think I spent $15 on 2 movies frantically downloading them before a flight and I only watched them twice in the past 3 years. The best part of offline viewing? It’s free with your monthly subscription. Fuck Yeah I want to download my favorite movies off of the app. How many times have you gone to Netflix wanting to watch one of your “depression robe Sunday flicks” that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside and BOOM! the movie suddenly isn’t offered anymore? Not anymore, you can download and build a movie collection of your own. Netflix may want to rethink this idea… This is huuuuuuuge for the customers.

Happy Binging Knuckleheads!

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