Unlimited Frosty’s from Wendy’s for $2? Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me sooner?

Apparently Wendy, that Red Headed Fast Food Slut was offering a full year of unlimited frosty’s for just $2. Fine print: you get a Jr. Frosty with any purchase…so yeah, you’re still paying for food and that’s a reward for stopping into a Wendy’s. The $2 was a purchase of a keychain/fob/tag that would get you the deal. Well it seems I was late to the party because it was while supplies last and from what I’m reading they’re sold the fuck out! Pissed would be an understatement. I’ll definitely be double checking the local Wendy’s today…

I will say that it was a great way to raise funds for the Dave Thomas Foundation as 90 cents on the dollar of these tags will be donated to the foundation for adoption. So for that I applaud the initiative. Next year, I’ll have some sort of notification set up for when these babies go on sale…

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  1. Your boy has a tag!


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