Draymond Green Kicking Again! And The Warriors PR Won’t Let Him Answer 3-1 Question

This is not a typo or a repost from last week when I wrote an article about Draymond Green kicking someone. Nope, the ass hat did it again and then cried foul by the NBA for fining him! He needs to get control of his fucking body and limbs. He’s a full grown human, not Bambi learning to walk. Just watch below. Its ridiculous…. The dude plays basketball like its Mortal Kombat. It’s time he gets suspended for a few games in my opinion.

Another developing story was the Warriors PR machine stepping in during a post game question that is probably becoming tiresome and embarrassing at this point.

Capture.PNGThe online abuse, signs in the stands, and meme images floating around the internet have finally broken them. This shit still stings months later.

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