The College Football Playoff Is Nothing More Than A Big Dick Competition

Yesterday the college football playoff rankings were decided and I have no real complaints. Though better, it remains an imperfect task that still feels very “BCS” like and you’ll never have 100% agreement in any selection process. Below are the picks:


My biggest take away is that I feel for Penn State. They won the best division in college football and the best conference in college football, yet they are out while a team they beat head to head and within their division is in. The only reason you can’t fuss too much about it is because Michigan destroyed their asses in the regular season by 39! Yeah, it’s hard to recover from that…

In general it still remains nothing more than a big dick competition. The same thing would happen if each program walked into the selection room, tossed their program hog on the table, and a decision was made. I truly believe if you switched the uniforms of Penn State and Ohio State, the current Penn State scenario might have gotten Ohio State in. The narrative would read as follows. “Well, Ohio State won the division, won the BIG, won head to head, and they are playing phenomenal football down the stretch. Leaving a program like OSU out would be criminal at this point. Just look at what they did in 2012”!

With that in mind, I’m not here to bash Ohio State as they are absolutely deserving and I applaud their out of conference schedule, I’m just highlighting the flaws that will always remain with a 4 team system. (I’d like to see 8) With 8 teams I believe it would clarify a ton of these picks. There’s just too many good/even teams and too few slots. Hell, I think Michigan deserves a shot  based on their body of work.

Another flaw with this year’s selection is the acceptance of Washington’s out of conference schedule that ranked 127th in the country. The committee did nothing to influence tough matchups like Oklahoma did this year. If I’m an AD at a school I schedule shit out of conference teams and focus on winning the conference. Example: If Penn State would have played and beat Portland State instead of their loss to Pittsburg, I bet they would be in right now as a 1 loss conference champion.

Final point – Can Ohio State fans please stop acting like the underdog that is constantly slighted?  The whole “Ohio against the world” slogan is so false. No one is out to get you. Not the SEC, the committee, the country. You are respected completely.


3 thoughts on “The College Football Playoff Is Nothing More Than A Big Dick Competition

    1. How do I sound disappointed? I think they have it as correct as you can in this system. Those are the 4 that deserve it but it doesn’t excuse some remaining flaws.


  1. Spot on. Hard to argue with OSU’s resume, 3-1 vs top 10 teams, 11-1. But you have to feel for Penn State–biggest tragedy since you know what ;).

    I too am a little annoyed with the Ohio against the world. Where do they get this ego? The Buckeyes will be great for years to come, isn’t that enough? Not for those scarlet & grey fanatics. Mad respect for the program, not so much for the fans. Only thing worse——SEC fans. By golly, they suck!

    Great to see the B1G 10 with 4 top 10 teams nonetheless!


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