Have a case of the Holiday Hornies?

That’s right people, this is normal. Once the night of Thanksgiving eve hits everyone is in the mood to get down with the “get down”. I know I mentioned before that it is cuffing season and the reason for the season is people are horny as hell. C’mon now, you know you’ve fallen guilty of giving out a few extra packages or want the stuffing of stockings to happen a little more often. *Wink, wink* It starts with Thanksgiving and runs through New Years, the horny levels giphy (14).gifclimb. Everybody is boozing and allowing for their inhibitions to be freed. Also everyone gets together dressed to the nines, like fucking models, there’s likely to be somethings that may land you on Santa’s naughty list. Many times that eggnog with whiskey will put others’ eyes in motion as a love potion, lock in ladies and gentlemen, time for a “sleigh ride”. Mistletoe isn’t needed but it sometimes can get things giphy (15).gifmoving in the right direction. I will say one thing I notice are those Christmas tights ladies opt for which tend to be a bit conservative but will really have you dreaming of sugar plum fairies or whats under that dress… Enjoy the holiday season while you can and make those New Year resolutions later…Because there’s nothing sexy about January, your pasty ass, and your new diet/workout plan.

And Yes, I used one of the golden girls getting plowed by Santa…

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