Man Dies After Cleaning a Walgreens

The widow of a 69-year-old man has sued an Orlando Walgreens store, accusing them of holding her husband captive until he cleaned and mopped the store’s bathroom.

Maria Elizarraras claims that the humiliation of the experience caused emotional distress so severe that it killed her husband, Fernando Elizarraras.VLINK

I told my mom this more than a dozen times growing up but no, she wouldn’t listen. Thankfully I now have proof more than 20 years later. Better late than never I guess

Kids across the country should arm themselves with this story to skip out on toilet scrubbing forever. I know I would. A precedent has been established and obviously cleaning bathrooms can lead to emotional distress and even death.

This also sort of sucks for society going forward. As if these millennial shit heads didn’t already have enough reasons to be lazy and stare at their IPhones. Now we have adults cleaning and dying in bathrooms to complicate things. Why can’t it be like the old days when people just died and it wasn’t always someone else’s fault.



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