The Perfect Season On The Brink – A Parade For The 0-16 Browns

The Browns are currently 0-12 and the likelihood of them winning 1 of their last 4 games is about the same as anyone from Cleveland scoring ass from Jennifer Lawrence or Jennifer Anniston (I love the Jennifers). It’s happening people, the perfect season is upon us, just not in the manner many had dreamed of.

However, like the great people of Cleveland do, they’re making the most of this shit season and organizing a potential 0-16 perfect season parade. The details can be found on Facebook where more than 4K people “Are going” and 8K “Interested.” Which is slightly less than the 1.3 million that showed up for the Cavs parade. But those are minor details.

Personally, if I were to attend the parade it would be the first time watching the Browns since week 2 as I’ve boycotted the season. To that, I thank god every Sunday for Redzone which provides me alternative viewing pleasures. Hell, the last few weeks have me wondering why I haven’t moved on for good.

I also want them to complete this historic 0-16 season because it means that my good friend Big Dick Rick Muntz will become a lifetime fan. The dumbass committed to fandom should the Browns go 0-16 bc in his words, “I want to start from the bottom” like he’s Drake or something. Yeah, good luck with that, Rick, the bottom is not a start, its just what they are. (To catch up on Big Dick Rick just type his name into our search. He’s unique and actually more fitting for #BillsMafia if you ask me)

Chris McNeil (the man behind the popular account) has said that he has actually filed permits and other paperwork in preparation for making the parade happen.

“The committee had a great meeting w/ the @CityofCleveland today & plans will move forward for the Perfect Season Parade on 1/7/17!!” he posted on Twitter Wednesday.

The parade organizers have filed an application for a permit with the city outlining a route around the FirstEnergy Stadium. The city says they have yet to make a decision on the event.

Big Dick Rick is ready if you can’t tell to be a Browns Fan for life!



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