I Told You! Even Drake Thinks Doris Burke Is Sexy!

On June 21, 2016 I shouted to the world that I thought Doris Burke was sexy. Now, December 8th, 2016 I find out Drake thinks so as well. My god – Aren’t I some sort of fucking trailblazer? Drake coming in hot and trying to steal my thunder while I’ve been smitten over her fine ass for more than 6 months.

Again, there’s a lot about her that revs the ol’ engine’s RPM’s. Her commentary, slight lisp, bone structure, her GLASSES…and boy, the way she grips that microphone is something else.

Am I mad at Drake for being late to the party? A little. But I’m also happy that someone else with a larger platform finally pointed out what I’ve noticed for years. Doris Burke is hot. She’s actually smoking for her age.

Below is a little backstory on the Drake romance. I’m admittedly a shit ton jealous after reading it. I also think Doris wants some of Drake.

When Doris Burke initially told her story of Drake folding his hands into the shape of a heart and basically giving her the gold old fashioned wink-and-a-finger-gun gesture, it sounded so unbelievably ridiculous (and so very Drake), that everybody knew it just had to be true. Word spread quickly, because everybody loves to laugh at dorky-ass Drake, and eventually Drizzy got to tell his side of the story.

Not only did Drake rock a Doris Burke “Woman Crush Everyday” shirt, he called her his “inspiration” during a Raptors – Warriors game on ESPN last month. He wasn’t done there though, as he blew Doris some kisses and left an open invitation for dinner at his house “anytime” as long as she “comes alone, you know?”

Well, now it’s Doris’ turn to open up about their mutual appreciation society. After initially accepting the invite on Twitter, Doris talked about Drake during a guest appearance on ESPN’s Mike and Mike. While she stopped short of confirming any dinner dates, saying “I don’t talk out of school, you will know nothing,” she did seem to be flattered by the whole situation. Doris said her son immediately asked “What the heck is going on, mom?” To which she responded, “Son, I have absolutely no idea.” Finally, she noted that she took Drake’s gesture as a compliment to her and her basketball acumen, not like the creepy Drake-y thing it sounded like when she told the story, saying “I interpreted at that moment like, ‘Hey, I must be pretty good at this basketball thing.’”

My lord – This all turned me on some. I probably wont be writing for a few hours. And her poor son. He’s listened to the lyrics in some of Drake’s songs…. Poor fucking kid.


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