Pro-Athletes like to booze just like us…

Something about Pro Athletes enjoying a cold pilsner makes me happy inside. When I see them tossing back a few cold ones it humanizes them. Yeah, we see actors and musicians partying all the fucking time but when you see a professional athlete doing it, it tends to be very rare. They have to keep their bodies in tip top shape to perform. They have practice or a game every damn night of the week. Ted, Mr. Reproduce, and I went to that Indians playoff game and we saw the entire Cavs team throwing down beers and liquors…ALCS - Toronto Blue Jays v Cleveland Indians - Game Twocavs2

ALCS - Toronto Blue Jays v Cleveland Indians - Game Two
Looks like Lil’ Kev had a little too much taking off his damn shoe…

Keeping with the Indians Vibe, I found a pic of the “Klubot” Corey Kluber who shows no emotion at any time… So to see him with a big ol’ smile, American League Champs Trophy in one hand and an American Pilsner, Budweiser, in the other, this again warms my boozy heart.


Here’s some other dudes I wouldn’t mind grabbing a couple(more like 12) brewskis with…

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And you’re telling me Tom Brady, the GOAT, is sober here? I don’t think so…

TOm Brady.gif

They like to compete just like us, so they deserve the opportunity to throw a couple back. So crack a beer and take a pull “Life can alright sometimes…”

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