Time For Tony Romo And The Cowboys

It’s time! Time for the Cowboys to make the switch from Dak to Romo for a legit run at a Super Bowl Championship. I’ve touched on this before but now the evidence is there to absolutely support a change. The naysayers will point to Daks success and the Cowboys overall record, and while both are good, with Tony the finish could be great.

It’s shortsighted and lazy to simply look at Dak and the Cowboys season and proceed with Dak under center. The Cowboys incredible line combined with Zeke towing the rock is the number one factor for their winning. On numerous occasions last night Dak stood in a perfect pocket for 3+ seconds or rolled out after an effective play action fake to easily scan the field. In the end he finished the night 17/37 165 yards 1 TD and 2 Ints and the Cowboys offense only managed 7 points in a loss to the Giants. And this wasn’t a random singular bad game. We are beginning to see a trend with Dak later in the year. Against the Vikings he went 12-18 for 139 yards and 1 TD. I believe that the cold weather, more film on him, and the grind of a 16 game season is catching up.

As I’ve said before, with Dak you will win games, but with Tony you can win a Championship. I would argue that with Tony under center at the very least the Cowboys would be enjoying the same success. In fact, I think they would be even better. Most QB’s throughout the league would thrive in this offense and Dak is a product of that supporting cast, rather than a key tool that makes it all work. Hell, Tom Brady would win the next 3 Super Bowls with that offense.

It’s time, Dallas. Dak brought you this far but Tony can finish it off. Have some balls and make the change.

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