Toledo Central Catholic, Notre Dame… Browns? Kizer Declares For NFL Draft

As a Toledo native and a huge Notre Dame fan, Kizer declaring for the NFL draft is the best decision he could make. Anyone that thinks he should return for another year is a dumbass. School isn’t going anywhere but millions of dollars could be gone with one quick injury.  Kizer has the opportunity to earn more cash than most of us will ever dream of. So much cash that he can make it rain at Toledo Hush Showgirls for the rest of his life. Central Catholic and Notre Dame should be proud of this potential first rounder who will represent us to the best of his ability.

…. and unfortunately for him, the Browns might be his next landing spot. For Kizer that absolutely sucks ass but as a Browns fan, I say we take a shot. The dude is smart, big (6’4 230 lbs) has a cannon, and is fleet of foot.  Besides, what can go wrong with taking a first round Notre Dame QB from the great state of Ohio? (Cough, Cough Brady Quinn) But Brady Quinn was an unfortunate result of the Browns pitiful franchise. And though it’s still a fucking joke, I think Kizer is something worth trying to build around. (We just keep building and building) Hell, fuck it, take a QB with every single pick in this upcoming draft. If you throw enough shit against the wall something is bound to stick, right?

Kizer waiting when the Browns are on the clock:


In the end I’m pumped for Kizer. The dude balled out at Central Catholic and ND. I hope and expect to see more of the same at the next level.

As for ND – It’s Wimbush time! Tik Tok. Remember that name.




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