Aly Raisman Has Had A BF For Months & I Love Gymnasts

I don’t what it is but I always fall in love with the USA gymnastics girls. (Only after they turn over 18, you sickos) Wait – I know exactly why I fall in love – It’s the crazy positions, flexibility, and little outfits that basically turn into thongs by mid performance. For years I’ve loved the cute Shawn Johnson, more recently the Instagram sex tease McKayla Maroney,   ( J-Hoe article here. Please click those links. ooooweeeee is it intense. She’s a NEST fav) and of course this past season it turned out to be Aly Raisman.

And in sad news I have to report that she has been secretly dating former NFL player Colton Underwood for months now. Thankfully he currently has no NFL job and is nothing more than an average Joe like myself. Which means I still have a chance. Just check out the two of them below. She could break any man in half.

PS: I beg of you to spend the rest of the afternoon looking at Maroney’s Instagram. Just get lost in it and don’t fight back.


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