Insults are the sincerest form of flattery…Ya Pricks!

You guys wouldn’t believe the shit we say to one another in the basement. We typically greet and refer to one another as “prick”, “dumb ass”, Ted’s Favorite when he walks in the door “What’s up shit fuckers?”, and many, many more. We don’t take it to heart, we go about our day, business as usual. It’s what keeps things on a level playing field among friends keeping everyone in check, gotta stay current with your insults, come with new material from time to time.

I have a clip of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt ripping on each other in Playground insults on BBC Radio 1 as the travel around promoting Passengers, which actually looks like an Incredible flick. Make sure you watch to the very end…

When you get a chance check out their other episodes of the same game played by big time actors. Hilarious!

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