Jagermeister files against Milwaukee Bucks over new logo


Jägermeister filed a complaint with the Patent and Trademark offices about the Bucks new logo and I’m a bit confused. If by using the same logo you mean they both have a deer, that would be correct. But what else are they to do? A deer looks like a deer. There’s not a whole more the Bucks can change. Besides, the deer on the left looks like one I would shoot on a hunting trip whereas the one on the right looks to be on steroids and is about to go next level on someone’s ass. It’s actually frightening.

Jägermeister can’t just stop everyone in the world from using a deer logos can they? Is John Deere about to jump on board as well? What about Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer?

A quick google search of “Deer logos” pulled up all of these. It appears more than just the Bucks are totally fucked if this gets through.  Especially Five Point and Hampstead.


PS: I hate Jager. It’s some nasty ass shit that leaves a hangover, bad yeast like breath, and is thick like syrup. No thanks. I would rather everyone steal “their logo” and put them out of business for good.




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