MLB Players Can No Longer Dress As Chicks In High Heels & Skirts

Major League Baseball outlaws “offensive” hazing; no more dressing rookies as women or female characters.

Son of a bitch! This could potentially ruin an aspect of our great American past time… But seriously, outlawing this is hilarious and I don’t know how anyone could really find it offensive. Yeah, these Mets rookies making millions of dollars look super upset about dressing like the characters in a League of their Own.


Actually, a few of them (Especially the 2nd from the left) look a little too comfortable and thrilled about the whole thing. That dude has secretly been waiting for this moment his entire life. Since a young boy wearing his moms high heels and pantyhose his shinning moment to flaunt it finally became a reality. But no, the MLB has crushed his dream. Poor “Guy.” And it’s also 2016. Shit is weird now. What if some player actually likes dressing up like this for team flights? Like its his clothing option of choice?

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