Cheeseknuckles NYE Bash -Rented Out The Top Balcony

NYE has to be the most obnoxious, busy, crowded, and overrated night of the entire year. In most cases you’re left paying absurd cover charges and pushing through crowds of people.

Well not this year… We have rented out the balcony at Bar Louie in Perrysburg for the night and it’s sure to be a blast. Las year we did the same and I’ve never had a better time. Bar Louie has a deal of all deals. $75 dollars all you can drink from 9:00 – 1:00 A.M. and an appetizer buffet starts at 8:00. Last year we also had the balcony with our own personal server. It also includes the outdoor section for any of you disgusting smokers needed to peck a heater.

For anyone looking to party their asses off I highly suggest going. No lines, crowds, or trucking through the cold weather. One flat fee for a sloshy shit faced good time. You’ll even see Uncle Stink tear up the dance floor. Images from last year below.

PS: The sexy babe is not included. She’s spoken for.



2 thoughts on “Cheeseknuckles NYE Bash -Rented Out The Top Balcony

  1. There is a old lady who might come with her walker and do a dance or two lol watch her grandsons and spoken for new granddaughter dance so she can prepare for her birthday. Love u


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