Walleye Winter Brewfest, Let’s Build some serious STEAM

The Walleye Winter Brewfest is right around the corner and it will most likely be one of “our company” Knucklehead Outings. Another chance for us to get a little saucy during the brutal Winter months. The event is actually held on Saturday January 14th at Fifth Third Field outdoors from 5-9 pm. So we’re going to need a bunch of Steam to keep our spirits high and bodies warm. That includes you knuckleheads joining us. The term “steam” was graciously passed onto us while smoking heaters, drinking Heinekens, and playing blackjack with some degenerates in the Flamingo lounge in Las Vegas. I would describe “Steam” as this:

Steam (Noun): positive vibes that build when with your friends or complete strangers. Provides luck and high energy, your buzz is super strong, and the mood has total momentum.

Example: We’re out at the Brewfest, J-Hoe cracks a spleen splitter of a joke, the group of people that he doesn’t know all to well is crying from laughter. Guy gives him props with a crisp high five, the mood has switched momentum and the “Steam is on” and boy does it roll!

This brewfest is said to have 250 different craft beers you can sample but like those who aren’t beer snobs aka Beer Bullies like Ted, J-Hoe, and Rick Muntz you can continue sampling something of a lighter style brewski over and over again… They just love their light pilsners and don’t give anything else a chance. Can’t change people… That goes for the Beer Snobs too, there’s some eclectic ass people at these things. For people watching, this is one of the better events.

There’s going to be live entertainment and bands. The VIP party is said to be spreading to The Roost and Top of NINE party areas. Sounds like a good ass time if you ask me and you get out early enough to venture over to some of the other watering holes in the area. Including an After Party at Fleetwood’s Tap Room and NINE until Midnight. Just make sure you can hang with the crowd though we don’t need you ending up like Barry here, I’ve seen it happen before:

Here’s some more information regarding the event and the tickets on sale at the Walleye’s official website: Winter Brewfest

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