GNO: GIRLS NIGHT OUT! What about Dudes night out?!

I don’t know why but I saw that some ladies were out last night and I found it hilarious as they celebrated “Girls Night Out” aka GNO. A night where girls can just be girls, a chance to just let their hair down, drink a few martinis, maybe a cosmo or 7, enjoy a little sushi, but NO DUDES ALLOWED! There’s always at least one booze hound girl or two in that group that strays from the pack and wants to find some dick in their life. Let’s be honest dudes go out all the time with the guys but there’s ulterior motives there and it reminded me of a stand up bit from Dane Cook. I know not everyone likes Dane Cook, but this shit is spot on…

Mine! She’s Mine!

Believe it or not we went out last weekend and were at a bowling alley and J-Hoe said aloud, “I think I’m going to dance tonight…Yup I’m dancing tonight”. We did just that, we went and danced our asses off. It was like the ol’ days…There was once a time that we went to Shots Inc. formerly known as my favorite bar Kamis(Kamikazes) and danced for hours, The sun was up in the afternoon when we went it and the moon had risen when we shut the fucker down. I think we may have been suffering from the side effects of the booze, dehydration and cramps from dancing our dicks off. Here’s an action shot of me on the boxes of Shots Inc. 2 weekends ago…Who’s the girl? I have no clue who… I had browned out and apparently threw up on the way to becketts, must’ve upset my stomach from all the dancing but she was a nice gal. Puke and Rally…

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