Toledo Zoo named ‘Best Zoo Lights’ by USA Today – We are Clark Griswold

Another trophy for the overflowing Toledo showroom. Once again we are #1 (Not sure what else we’ve won, but there has to be something) USA Today named the Toledo Zoo lights the Best Zoo Lights in America! *There were only 20 nominees* but that small detail can be ignored! We beat the ENTIRE country. Can you believe it!?

This also reminds me of a similar “victory” that our Cheerleading squad used to always claim back in High School. They would win a state championship despite only facing off against a handful of squads. It’s been a bitter argument for years but the proof is in the pudding… It’s never been recognized. I’ll admit that they were damn good. Actually incredible and super talented, and I’ll even call it a sport, but walking around and claiming a state championship is a bit misleading based on the structure of the “playoffs.” I could say the same thing about shoe kicking. I’m the best in the state, trust me. Precision accuracy into any bin in the mud room. (PS: I bet I get some serious shit for this section of the article)

As I said a few weeks ago about the Hensville Lights,  Toledo thrives on it’s Christmas decorations. Our city is the Clark Griswold of the country, and this title only proves that point a little more.

One thought on “Toledo Zoo named ‘Best Zoo Lights’ by USA Today – We are Clark Griswold

  1. Dang not the AWHS Cheerleaders!!!!??? Shots fired! Anyone and everyone is fair game for the Cheeseknuckle crew, I see. Whose next the battle-tested and award winning Marching Generals of Anthony Wayne and their long-time fued with the football team; over whose practices are harder! Ahhhhhhh, the good ole days.

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