Bowl Games Really Don’t Matter For Fournette and McCaffrey

Leonard Fournette (LSU) and Christian McCafferey (Stanford) are sitting out of their respective teams bowl games to get prepared for the NFL draft in a move that makes total sense. In truth, unless you make the playoffs these bowl games are nothing more than an exhibition games that feel empty. The risk reward isn’t there for players that are already high draft pick options. And winning the world famous “Sun Bowl” isn’t worth celebrating.

Last year Jaylon Smith (ND) blew out his knee in the Fiesta Bowl which resulted in him falling from a guaranteed top 5 draft pick to a second round selection who was forced to sit out this entire NFL season. For Jaylon, playing in the Fiesta Bowl was a huge mistake so why should two guys like McCafferey and Fournette risk the same? Especially as running backs sure to take a pounding.

If college coaches can skip bowl games while transitioning to new jobs, why not the players? I fault none of these guys for sitting out and I would actually push more players to do the same. It’s a trend that we’ll see more of because it makes total sense.

For all sure fire draft selections, sit out, prepare for your career (Dream) and go get that pay check. You don’t owe anyone anything at this point.


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