People aren’t doing shit at work these days…

cbctYou know it’s true… I’m not doing shit, you’re not doing shit, not one person is working very hard right now… The Holidays are here baby! The amount of effort being given is slim to none. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much time being given off for the Holidays. Christmas isn’t even until Sunday but people are getting some if not all of Friday off and Monday is being observed so many places are closed. Pretty sick deal if you ask me… The motivation levels are about as good as Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree… Its a fucking twig nailed to 2 boards and one ornament. No wonder people make fun of his sorry ass all the time. He does have one kick ass dog in Snoopy though.

Classes are out for Winter Break and the Boozing has begun to rise as the temperatures have fallen below zero in Northwest Ohio. I’m pretty geeked as Big Dick Rick has Thursday and Friday off so he’s going to be having his own black Friday, Dude’s going to be blacked out on account of so many Busch Lights. Just two more weeks of 2016, so cruise into the finish line boys and girls. Happy Holidays you knuckleheads!

Enjoy a couple of my favorite Christmas tunes from Charlie and his gang,

and this Classic is so money…

The dude in orange really knows how to cut a rug, I tend to break that move out from time to time.

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