Margot Robbie made a big, big mistake…

That’s right, the Australian Blonde Bombshell made a big, big mistake… She secretly got married and she hasn’t even met J-Hoe or I yet. Apparently she doesn’t know what she’s missing but damn it, we’re gonna let her know about it. She got married to her long-time boyfriend Tom Ackerley. He’s a director on some lame movies. Congrats Bro *eye roll*… But they seem to be very happy with with one another. J-Hoe Flat out told me “it won’t last” which not many celebrity couples do last but she looks pretty damn smitten with her man… I’m sure he’s happy as fuck to have locked her down, just playing it casual. Damn you TOM! Here’s some photos of the two together.

Frigg do I want her or someone like her to look at me like that… OBJ.gif

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